Texas District 13, Better off Blue?

My name is Greg Sagan, and in 2018 I am running for the US House of Representatives from Texas District 13. I am running as a Democrat, but I am not your “usual” Democrat, which I will explain below.

First you should know why I am running. I know that many voters in this District voted for Donald Trump, and I believe I understand why. I don’t intend to defend Hillary Clinton here, and I don’t intend to mount an emotional take down of either the President or Congressman Thornberry. But I am outraged at much of what our President has done since taking office, most of which strikes in one way or another at your wallets, and the Republicans in Congress today seem to be unwilling or unable to stand up to him for your interests. I know that Congressman Thornberry is popular among most of the voters in this District, but I believe his loyalty to his party and his unwillingness to listen to his constituents’ complaints are signs that he is no longer effective in his role as your representative.

I am a former Navy officer and a veteran of Vietnam. I am the son of a WW II veteran who served in China and the grandson of a WW I veteran who served in France, and I come from a long and strong “service” tradition. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from WTSU (now WTAMU) and an MBA from the University of Colorado. I am a former US Navy delegate to SEATO planning conferences, and I have unique training and extensive experience, both in the Navy and in the private sector, as a consultant to senior leaders on human performance, teamwork and leadership issues.

Some of you may also remember that I wrote a weekly editorial for the Amarillo Globe-News for 14 years.

I intend to begin my campaign not by making long speeches to large groups in the major cities and towns in this District but with a “listening tour.” I want to come to your turf and listen to what you have to say about what’s going on in the world, in the country and in Washington that affects you, and I want to hear what you think should be done about it. I intend to treat this as a kind of job interview in which you are my employers. I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative, a man or a woman, a Christian or something else. I want to take your voices to Washington, and I want you to feel like I’m working for you.

Because if you elect me then I will be.

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