Inequality (Minority, Wealth Distribution)

The proper role of government is to protect the individual from the mob, and the powerless from exploitation by the powerful.

I am heartened by the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements for calling attention to a pervasive problem we’ve ignored for too long; just as I am heartened by renewed calls for America to finally shed the burden of her blatantly and systemically racist past.

I am troubled, though, by the backward steps we’ve also witnessed, like the rise of White Supremacy (with a new name) and the miscarriages of justice when people of color are murdered under the cloak of authority.

All these increasingly well-documented cases should remind us that all Americans must be treated as equal under the law and deserve fair and even-handed justice, equal opportunities to thrive, and safety in their own communities.

I stand with ALL the citizens of my district in demanding justice, be they Latino, Asian-American, African-American, LGBTQ+, Man, Woman, Child, or any combination of the above.

I also see another problem that we must learn to look past.

These labels are being used to manipulate us into sectarian conflicts that serve only the interests of the extremely wealthy and powerful. If climate change is the single greatest non-nuclear threat to all life on Earth, then the widening gulf in American wealth distribution is the single greatest threat to our democracy. We CAN fight it. But to do so, we must stand together.

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