This is what makes Greg Sagan different from Mac Thornberry and the Republican establishment. Greg wants to listen to you, the Texans who live in District 13 and know the kitchen table issues that matter most to you and affect your wallet and your family the most.

Greg has only just begun his “listening tour” of this District and here’s what he’s heard so far. We’ll be adding to this list as he visits with you.

(These are not listed in any particular order and those with an asterisk next to them were mentioned more than once.

War on Drugs *

Private Prisons

Healthcare *****+

Education/12-K as well as higher education ***

War-mongering/Military-Industrial Complex – ever growing budget at expense of people’s needs

Global Warming ****+

Separation of Church & State **


Immigration *

Redistribution of wealth

Citizens United (end)**

No more war*

We need more bipartisan work in Washington on both sides

Science being discredited and anti-intelligentsia


Vilification of the poor, minorities, refugees and others needing help

Veterans held in high regard when talked about, but not taken care of

Access to our representatives when they come home ****+

The dumbing down of America

A government that is actually working for the best for the people instead of just saying what will get them re-elected or fill their own wallets

I want Representatives who are in touch with real life for normal Americans

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