Our Commander-in-Chief

The American president holds the most powerful office in the world not only because of the arsenal he commands but also because of the symbol he embodies. Being commander-in-chief of a global military force has many precedents in history, but being the embodiment of justice, of compassion, of mercy, and of restraint is peculiar to America. The American eagle grasps the olive branch as well as the lightning bolt, and in that simple representation lies a commitment to be at peace even as we stand ready to oppose tyranny. Our current president seems to comprehend only the devices of power and none of the obligations, responsibilities or limits required to make him a “commander-in-chief.”

It must be said: This emperor is naked.

Our current president has turned the oval office into a toll booth. He has profited from his office in ways no other president ever dreamed of. He has coarsened not just our political discourse but our culture. He has knelt low to attack those who disparage him even when they only tell the truth. He is a dangerous manipulator who can, himself, be dangerously manipulated.

The Republican Party today is this commander-in-chief’s enabler, comforter and palace guard. The Republican Party today rationalizes the most vicious assaults on the American people in the name of a political theory that our commander-in-chief has subverted to serve his own ego. The Republican Party today “conserves” nothing but its own power, wants freedom only for its own supporters, and casts responsibility and accountability on everyone but themselves.

This commander-in-chief and the party that succors him must be opposed.

I favor an America that is at peace with all who want peace with us. I favor an America in which the government is the servant of the people and not their master. I favor an America that takes care of its people and sees to their welfare and economic success. I favor an America in which education is celebrated and made a gift to every child by a generous and benevolent government. I favor an America in which our children are safe, our elderly are revered, our weak are protected and our servants are rewarded in full measure for their sacrifices.

My America is within reach. I only need your vote.

Paid for by the Greg Sagan for Congress Committee.