Perpetual Conflict

In America our military is subordinate to our political institutions and leadership. No matter how loyal our warriors may be to the Constitution and to the attributes of democracy, in the final analysis they must do what they are told by someone we elect. This is the key feature of America’s military might that keeps it from being a domestic political threat.

We used to be a nation of peace with a military mighty enough to prevent aggression from other nations. We have become a nation of war with a diplomatic capability too weak to prevent us from acts of aggression toward other countries. What the world makes of us – and how we are treated by it – depends on our ability to resolve differences without bloodshed. I want America to return to that standard.

I believe America’s military can and should be, first and foremost, the guarantor of our borders and our collective safety. A military capable of defending our interests around the world is a worthy pursuit as long as it is not a threat to the legitimate interests of other nations. We can achieve this for far less than we are currently spending.

I also hold that we should remember to keep America worth defending, which means keeping Americans safe from preventable death; keeping our air and water uncontaminated; and preserving the natural wonders of our nation.

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