Regulatory Reform

At their best, regulations issued by the various branches of the Federal Government eliminate dangerous toxins and other threats to our environment and our people. It is true that satisfying government regulations can impose economic burdens on businesses and individuals, but since they are supposed to apply to everyone they are also tools by which we ensure that the playing field is level. Can they sometimes be ill-conceived? Outlive their usefulness? Be more onerous than they are effective? Sure they can.

And I absolutely favor rolling back regulations that do not contribute to the common good, that are outdated, or that impose an unreasonable burden on businesses and individuals. But I do NOT favor eliminating regulations that are essential to keep our food supply uncorrupted and our air, water and soil clean. What this takes is a keen eye and sound judgment in our regulatory bodies, not ignorant ideologues driven by their contempt for the entire idea of regulation.

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