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The Listening Tour is in full swing, but we still have some open dates. What we need from you:

1. Invite friends and family to your home to visit with Greg about their hopes and concerns, what is going on in Washington and what they’d like to see happening. These meet & greets usually last about an hour and a half. If you don’t want to hold it at home, then a local coffee shop or another venue of your choice is a great place to gather. Reserve a date before it’s taken. Contact Dianne Sagan or Benjamin Sagan

2. Get together with some of your friends and sponsor a fundraiser for Greg’s campaign. We are a large district, 39 counties, plus 2 half counties – approximately the size of Indiana. It takes finances to travel and reach every county and every constituent. We aren’t accepting large corporate donations or PAC money. Greg Sagan for Congress is a grassroots campaign financed by everyday people. Get on the calendar before your date is scheduled for another event. Contact Dianne Sagan or Benjamin Sagan

3. Invite Greg to come to your organization and speak/listen at their regular lunch or evening meeting. You don’t have to limit it to “just progressives and Democrats.” Greg Sagan wants to hear from everyone in the district because if you elect him, he will be taking everyone’s voices to Washington and representing ALL his constituents.  Contact Dianne Sagan or Benjamin Sagan

Want to get more involved?  

Current volunteer needs include:


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