What is Greg Sagan's Education?

Greg grew up in a family full of people that went into the Air Force. Due to this, he went to schools from Texas, South Dakota, and more. After high school, Greg went to pursue higher education. Over time, he graduated with a Ba in Political Science and a minor in History. He then went on to get his MBA in Organizational Behavior and a minor in Marketing. Then, get got a Ph.D in Industrial Relations with a minor in Labor Economics and Research Methodology.


What Choices Were Made?

Greg is a Vietnam veteran who spent 14 years in the US Navy, advancing in rank throughout his time. He served as a consultant to top executives of Fortune 1000 businesses after leaving the Navy in 1984, especially in the nuclear power sector. Having recently retired and had been residing in Amarillo, Texas, with his wife, Greg wanted to do something different. Sagan has never been a member of a political party before. But in 2018, he ran for the United States House of Representatives.


Who, What, Where, and When of the 2020 Election

    General election for the U.S House of Representatives for District 13 of Texas:
  • • Ronny L. Jackson - 79.4% of total votes
  • • Gus Trujillo - 18.5% of total votes
  • • Jack Westbrook - 2.1% of total votes

    Democratic primary election for District 13 of Texas:
  • • Gus Trujillo - 42.2% of total votes
  • • Greg Sagan - 34.7% of total votes
  • • Timothy Gassaway - 23.1% of total votes

    Republican primary election for District 13 of Texas:
  • • Josh Winegarner - 38.9% of total votes
  • • Ronny L. Jackson - 20.0% of total votes
  • • Chris Ekstrom - 15.3% of total votes
  • • Others - 25.8% of total votes

Issues To Be Addressed


Automation and outsourcing are the two major problems affecting the labor market for Americans.


Create a healthcare system that is more financially available to citizen.

Climate Change

The largest non-nuclear threat facing humanity now is climate change.


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